Tina Zappoli Gallery – founded in 1981- initially focused more on modern artists established in the 20th century. Soon after,  a more contemporary character was acquired. Throughout its trajectory it had the privilege to travel  nationally with the work of Ibere Camargo , an artist that it represented until his death in 1994. After that, the Gallery has gradually introduced in its collection, Outsider Brazilian Art , one of the passions of its owners : the photographer Marinho Neto and the Gallery owner Tina Zappoli, social founder of the Gallery. Today the Gallery mixes harmoniously- with novelty in the South of the Country- Outsider Brazilian Art with Modern and Contemporary Art.


Rua Paulino Teixeira, 35 – Bairro Rio Branco

CEP 90420-160, Porto Alegre, RS, Brasil


Monday to Friday from 12 a.m. to 6 p.m.


+ 55 51 3332-3726