Klaus Mitteldorf

Klaus Mitteldorf was born in São Paulo in 1953. He graduated in Architecture, but since the age of 12 he has been doing photography. He began photographing surfers and soon after began filming in Super8.

Since 1981, he has been exhibiting his photography in the artistic circuit, having received in this trajectory several prizes for his work. He published 8 books in Brazil, Germany, USA and Switzerland and also made several exhibitions abroad. In 2013, his work was shown in a retrospective at FAAP / SP. Lives and works in São Paulo.

Título: Espelho Tríptico Duo com Luisa

Técnica: Jato de tinta sobre papel algodão

Formato: 96x133cm


Título: Vulto em Paris

Técnica: Jato de tinta sobre papel algodão

Formato: 55×100 cm