Jeff Chies

Jeff Chies builds enigmatic large canvases. His works mobilize, at the same time and in a single work, different typologies of the archive of abstract art, updating them through a context and an unprecedented combination / contamination. We can see in their plots and depths the lexicon initiated by abstract expressionism, compounded by references as disparate as Jorge Guinle, Per Kirkebi, Iberê Camargo, Franz Kline, Gerhard Richter, Jacqueline Humphries or Cy Twombly. In his work he brings Tachismo to life with expressionism; metaphysics with materialism. “Juliana Monachesi – Art Criticism
Graduated by PUC of Porto Alegre in Social Communication.
Jeff has his whole trajectory developed in the field of languages.
He has photographed early in his career, has made documentaries, films and publicity and is a stage director.
His studies in visual arts were developed with the critic and historian Rodrigo Naves and with the curatorial eyes of the painter Paulo Pasta.

He has already exhibited in museums, galleries and museums in Berlin, São Paulo, Porto Alegre, Santos, Campinas, Caxias do Sul, Blumenau and Novo Hamburgo.

oil on canvas
120 x 180 cm

óleo sobre tela

150 X 140 cm

acrílica sobre tela

150 X 140 cm

oil on canvas

100 x 100 cm