Itelvino Jahn

“We are different things, wood and myself. When I begin my work we become one, as if wood was part of me. I try to transmit to wood, my energy, life, soul, and so comes the work. The Art appears…Work, nature and Art in a relation of reciprocity. My Art is my own life.”

Itelvino Jahn is a gaúcho, born in 1958, and lives and works in his state. He has been showing his work for several years in group and solo shows in his state, São Paulo and Paraná.

Relevo em Plátano maciço

88 x 245 x 20 cm


Perfeito estado de conservação


Eucalipto Australiano maciço – 2013

170 x 80 x 75 cm


Perfeito estado de conservação 


Fícus maciço


bergamoteira maciça


bergamoteira maciça


bergamoteira maciça