Denise Haesbaert

Denise Iserhard Haesbaert was born in 1949 in Porto Alegre , Brazil, where she works and lives. Gratuated by Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul in Sculpture and Posgradueted in Visual Poetry by Feevale, RS in 2008. Her pictorial research focuses on issues related to time , to the female, to nature and to rites. Divides her work into zones , hold territories, search ranges, time slots and experiments. Her work is built by two larges zones: Zonas de Vestigios e Zonas de Rasto. In Zonas de Vestígios she made use of organic matter and menstrual blood, revealing the passage of time, meaning biological time through the use of her last menstruations and so, ending a female cycle (menopause).In Zonas do Rastro makes use of poor materials, chemical oxidations, acrylic paint , cement, earth, marble powder, bitumen , resins and others. Series composed by several zones since the year 2000. From 2016 on, the paintings that used to be called Zonas de Rasto are now named Zonas de Oxidações. Mainly because the artist had started to add to her process iron arrays exposed to time and so producing the first rust impressions. Hybrid Zones , monotypes printed on layers of voil, linen or canvas that go to through the techniques of engraving and painting. Oxidations that reveal the silent dialogue between the artist and time passage. All with the interference of rain, wind, sun and dust in its workmanship. Time and nature as primordial constructors of painting. After these procedures , the paintings are finished with oil painting, gold and copper powder. Her painting presents itself as an living and organic organism, attesting that it is in the material expression, in the absence of rules and in the freedom of the artist to create that Art reveals its perplexity in relation of being in the world. All actions are carried out and related to fluidity and the time passage, with to transformations and with to the transience of life and nature.