Alberto Cedrón

Alberto Cedrón (09/05/1937 – 10/03/2007) “I come from the banks of the River Plate, where there is a city called Buenos Aires. When I was born? I was told that it was May 9, 1937. Due to various circumstances of fate, it was my job to walk through many places on this planet, always with my profession, office or whatever you want to call it. I started by drawing the kitchen walls of my house at age 6, since then I have never stopped. I drew on walls, paper, stone, brass, clay, in short, various materials, diverse supports and also diverse historical moments … ”

In his travels around the world, Cedrón has lived several times in Brazil, between Joinville, São Paulo and Búzios, he had a son with a woman from Porto Alegre, and for that reason he also lived in this city between 1997 and 1999. He has mural works scattered not only at Argentina, but also at Venezuela and Portugal, where he lived for many years before returning to Buenos Aires in 2003. In this city he died in 2007.

Pedra gravada e policromada

90 x 80 cm 


Técnica: Pastel sobre papel

Dimensões: 102x74cm



Série: Subterrâneos

Técnica: Acrílica sobre tela

Dimensões: 57x70cm

Ref: 332


Série: Subterrâneos

Técnica: Acrílica sobre tela

Dimensões: 120x135cm

Ref: 249


Série: Subterrâneos

Técnica: Acrílica sobre tela

Dimensões: 80x100cm

Ref: 945


Série: Subterrâneos

Técnica: Acrílica sobre tela

Dimensões: 100x120cm

Ref: 503


Pastel sobre papel

72 x 102 cm

Assinado, emoldurado

Perfeito estado de conservação