Vieira, from Ilha do Ferro, Alagoas. He has been living surrounded by Art since he was a boy. His father, as well as vessel builder, was a wonderful sculptor in small formats. He used cedar to develop his exquisite work.

Vieira is inventive and as meticulous as his father. He sculpts and paints his pieces and even uses other materials than wood.

Vieira produces wooden boats, animals, beings and men and women inspired by the region that was born and lives. All works are painted in oil paint in warm colors. Their wives are always dressed in cheerful clothes and carry a brooch near their breasts, or adorn themselves with bead earrings (use of broken and unused jewelry).
In addition to this rich imaginary, the artist makes some utilitarian pieces – furniture – rocking chairs, courting chairs that bring in his paintings scenes from the wilderness or themes such as love and freedom.

Madeira policromada

105 x 88 x 21 cm


Perfeito estado de conservação