Sotero Cosme

He was a visual artist and musician. He is considered one of the best designers in the Country in the 20s and 30s in the art-déco style. He grew up in a family linked to the arts and Modernism  and was brother of the musician Luiz Cosme. Madeillustration of the debut cover of Madrugada magazine and is considered one of the best art-déco traces od the time. He  was responsible for the art edition of the magazine of short duration, but in which Sotero printed the style that Globo Magazine would assume and for which he made the first cover. He was a violinist  and with that he won a scholarship from the Conservatoire to Paris in the early years 30. He even exhibited his drawings at he Berheimer Gallery, Paris., 1948. He ended up opting for a diplomatic career and died in Paris.


28 x 20 cm

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