Solari was born in Fray Bentos, Uruguay, in 1918. He died in Montevideo in 1993.
In 1951 he joined the Uruguayan representation at the São Paulo Biennial. In 1965, he moved to Montevideo. In 1967 he moved to New York to study, where he remained there until 1986, when he returned to Uruguay, and in 1989 he had his first retrospective at the Museum Blanes. He exhibited his work in the Biennials of America and also in Europe and Asia. In one of Saramago’s books he is named one of the great revelations of that year at the Venice Biennale. He exhibited for the last time in Brazil, in Galeria Tina Zappoli, in 1990. After his death, a book about his work “Mascaras all year” was published. He is considered one of the leading artists of Uruguay of all time.

 Carceberus’ Lunch – 1979

55,5 x 36 cm

Água-forte, água-tinta e ponta seca sobre papel


Assinada, intitulada e numerada pelo artista

à lápis na base

Margens prreservadas

Perfeito estado de conservação


obs. catalogada no livro do artista
“Máscaras todo el año” de Alicia Haber
p. 163 de página inteira

Barca y Navegantes – 1987

Gravura em metal sobre papel

9 x 12 cm

A/P  Assinada, datada , entitulada à lápis na base pelo artista

Perfeito estado de conservação com margens preservadas