Pedro Wrede

Pedro Wrede was born in 1952 in Rio de Janeiro, he has lived many years abroad and, consequently, his artistic learning occurred in a diversified way. In Uruguay from 1970 to 74, he studied with Alceu Ribeiro and then between 1976 and 79 with Guilherme Fernandes, who was part of the Torres Garcia Workshop. After that, he decided to live in Spain. He also has exhibited in Porto Alegre, Portugal and Switzerland. He returned to Brazil in 1993 and began exhibiting in national galleries, with Galeria Tina Zappoli being the first to receive his work in the country. Since 2003 it has been circulating again internationally through international fairs and galleries. Currently Pedro Wrede lives and works in a quiet place in the mountainous region near the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Óleo sobre tela

140 x 145 cm


Bom estado de conservação



Técnica: Óleo sobre tela

Dimensões: 120×145 cm

Ref: 552