Libindo Ferraz

Born in Porto Alegre in 1877 and died in Rio de Janeiroin 1951. He was a painter and Art Teacher. He started in painting as a hobby. He studied Engineering at The Polytechnic School of Rio de Janeiro, but gave up and studied Art in Italy for two years. Back in Porto Alegre in 1910, he was appointed director of The School of Art, remaining in the function until the incorporation of the School to the University of Porto Alegre  in 1936, being besides administrator also professor. During this period he produced a large number of works, mainly landscape paintings. His reputation as one of the best painters  of the first half  of the 20Th Century persists to this day. He has works in the Piratini Palace and in the City Hall of Porto Alegre besides in several private collection.

Oil on canvas

40 x 48 cm