Franz Krajberg

Franz Krajberg was born in 1921 in Poland. Later he became Brazilian citizen. During World War II, in 1939, he sought refuge in the European Union and studied Arts in Stuttgart, Germany. He arrived in Brazil in 1948 and, in 1951, was already participating in the 1st Bienal de São Paulo. Between 1948 and 54, he lived in Brazil, Paris and Ibiza. In 1956 he went to Rio and shared a workshop with Weissmann. In 1964, he began a job of nature rescue and made several trips to the Amazon and Pantanal, photographing and documenting the deforestation, as well as collecting materials for his works, such as roots and calcined trunks, earning international projection over the years 70. From 1972 on, he settled in the south of Bahia where he maintained his atelier-dwelling until his death in 2017.

Alto relevo em papel artesanal com pigmentos naturais

Peça única

74 x 54 cm