André da Marinheira

His father, known as Manoel da Marinheira, is already part of the gallery of the great sculptors of Brazil. And great in every way – not only for the mastery of his work, but also for the size of his wood carvings. They reach more than two meters in height and length. André always worked alongside his father, to the point of being known as André da Marinheira. Besides him, Antonio, Severino and Maria Cícera, his brothers and sons of the first marriage of his father, also carve and are all deaf-mute. His pieces follow the paternal features, but with more movement. The stories told by Andre would give a book. He and the hole family have always survived by the sculpture work. “My father, at first, did not wear chisels. He had his tools, knives, hatchets, and other things. Only then did he pick up the chisel. ”
André speaks of two people with a lot of affection, as supporters of the work of the whole family: Celso Brandão – a kind of journalist, who discovered Manoel and stimulated him a lot – and Jorge Tenório Moreira – a collector, who is now riding, at Bento Moreira Farm , in Boca da Mata, Alagoas, the Manoel da Marinheira Museum. Manoel’s work has always been clean, with a clear outline of the contours of the bodies. “I started to modify a little, I think opening the mouth, showing a little more muscles.” André says that he and his brothers continue to use the wood of the jackknife, which is not controlled and is dragged in the preparation of the gardens. “We always get the woods that will not bear fruit anymore.”


Escultura em jaqueira maciça

100 cm de altura


Jaqueria maciça assinada 

Escultura em madeira

140 cm

Perfeito estado de conservação