Afrânio Pessoa

Afrânio Pessoa Castelo Branco was born in Teresina, Piauí, in 1930. In the 50’s, he went to Rio where he graduated from the School of Fine Arts of the Federal University. Always figurative, he began using the image of the ex-voto as his theme. Already in 1960, he participated and was awarded in the National Salon of Fine Arts. He chose to return to the Northeast, living in Teresina until today and remained always connected to the popular roots as an imaginary base for his painting. He has works in the collections of the Biennial of São Paulo, National Museum of Fine Arts / Rio, Museum of Modern Art of Bahia and Museum of Art of Piauí. In addition, his work is represented in private collections throughout Brazil and abroad. In a 1974 text, José Roberto Teixeira Leite claimed that his painting was “cheerful, but with a certain note of melancholy, lyrical, but not destroyed of sarcasm …”
He died in Teresina, PI in 2017.

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